In the past 15 years large quantitiy of different methods were launched trying to replace TURP, but none of them could become a real alternative of the "gold standard" and even the early LASER methods couldn't succeed in this competition.

What do both doctors and patients expect from a new, possibly minimally invasive LASER method?
  • immediate disobstuction of the bladder-neck
  • being suitable for day- case surgery
  • early catheter removal / or no catheter at all
  • no risk of bleeding
  • safety for anticoagulated or high-risk patients
  • statistically proven lower risk for retrograde ejaculation
  • early reconvalescence
  • low re-operation rate
It is an extremly difficult task, so no wonder, that even among the new LASER systems only a few can fulfil these conditions. One of them is the 980 nm Laser, called "LIFE" (LASER Induced Flow Enhancement) by BIOLITEC (Biolitec AG / Germany) preferred also by us.

Why did we decide for this new system inspite of the famous "GreenlightLaser" beeing for longer (since 2001) on the market?

The LASER und MEDIZIN-TECHNOLOGIE GmbH (Berlin/Germany) compared the vaporisation and coagulation features of the two systems under laboratory circumstances, simulating the surgical procedure. It turned out that the vaporisation size of the 980nm LIFE was about 2.5 times larger than produced by the GreenLight and the coagulated margin was approximatively 3 times thicker than for the GreenLight. These data show that LIFE system provides a more effective tissue ablation causing less damage to the strucures remaining in the patient. As the wavelength 980nm provides an excellent absorption in both water and haemoglobin, so a simultanious soft tissue ablation and coagulation occurs. This is the unique advantage of the LIFE (also called Selective Light Vaporisation of the prostate - proSLV), which explains the above mentioned results. Inspite of the generated intensive heat this procedure is absolutely safe as the heat doesn't go deeper in the prostatic tissue than 1-2 mm, so the treatment can't hurt the surrounding structures.