Urinary difficulties, so called "lower urinary tract symptoms" / LUTS / occur in about 30% of men older than 65 years. In vast majority of cases the complaints are caused by the enlargement of the prostate due to benign hyperplasia of the prostate ( BPH). At the first instance BPH is usually treated with different kinds of medicine but after the failure of the medical treatment surgery has to be undertaken.

You can check your urination ability immediately, if you click on the Check yourself sign and fill the questionnaire called International Prostate Symptom Score ( I-PSS ). A score 0-7 indicates a slight, 8-19 a medium, 20-35 a severe bladderneck obstruction.

In the last decades the transurethral resection of the ptostate (TURP) was considered as the "gold standard" for the surgical treatment of the BPH. However TURP is less straining than open surgery , it still neads a hospital stay of 3-7 days, and patients wear a urinary catheter for 2-3 days. Bleeding can occur even postoperatively, stricture of the urethra, retrograde ejaculation, erectile disfunction can follow the intervention. The size of the prostate may also influence the choice of the method: large prostates usually cannot be resected transurethrally, so in this cases open surgery has to be performed which requires an even longer hospital stay and a recovery period up to 2 months.

We receive patients with obstructing BPH for LASER treatment of the prostate from all over the world.

The procedure is performed in Budapest as day case surgery at a real special price.

Budapest itself is something worth to see: as till the end of the World War I. beside Vienna the other capitol of the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy she is as beautiful as her elder sister.Vienna. If you click on the sign Budapest, you can get an impression from the city.

The clinic has the most modern ecquipment and a qualified staff, so as to make the whole procedure as safe as possible, naturally all according to international prescriptions and protocols.

We work with an extremly short waiting list, so if you make your decision ,your turn can come very soon.